Around lac de Robertville in wintertime

The Previous week we took a few days off after combining work and children at home for the first half of the week. As usual now we headed to the east of the country. I realize we are so privileged to be able to get out of our house regularly. 

We all went out for a walk but much to the dismay of Beertje, we didn't take the itinerary he had in mind. 

A little later we walk around the lake where the edges were still frozen despite the softer temperatures.  A lot of people clearly had amused themselves by throwing rocks on the ice/water.  The tears disappeared quickly. 

When we turned off to loop back through the fields, Beertje wanted actually to continue for a bigger itinerary but we knew better than that. Never follow the whimsical mind of a toddler.  The loop was just perfect to get in the mood for the rest of the weekend. 


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