Crane migration

A noisy trumpeting sound approaches
as if the bird population broke loose in an uproar

We look up
Look around
squeeze our eyes into the sky
with our hand above our eyes
in 360°

Then we see them
progressing in big V's
until all of a sudden they start to whirl
as if an unknown DJ trumpeted "Chaaaaangeeeeejz" in the microphone
to find back some new V hierarchies further in the distance

We look up
Look around 
and point our fingers to the sky
while quickly grabbing our binoculars

Gracious long necks
White and black spread wings
Long stretched out legs
floating on the winds
that will bring them to warmer weather. 

They never stop here,
they are on a mission to move on
but it's always fun to spot them those couple of days each year
while they float by above the east of Belgium. 


Le petit requin said…
Ik heb dat dus pas afgelopen oktober/november ontdekt, dat er blijkbaar zo'n hopen kraanvogels over Belgiƫ vliegen. Mijn broer en zijn vriendin gaan graag vogels spotten en zijn er zowel toen als afgelopen weekend speciaal voor in de Oostkantons gaan wandelen :) Cool dat jullie ze ook gezien hebben!

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