We keep on turning #wedraaiendoor: Steak number eight - The sea is dying

Each Tuesday and Thursday Anne from Satur9's World  play a musical pingpong game where we choose a new music song based on each other's previous choice by association of a name, style, lyric, style, location or whatever crosses in our mind.  We never know what the next song will be chosen and are forced to explore beyond our comfort zone due to each other's choices.

Oh gosh, my Sirtaki song by Daan has given Anne a clear headache since she chose Migraine by the Corals as follow-up ;).   I must say I am not a fan of this song... Dreaming of you is so much nicer.  

The raw roughness of Migraine reminded me of a Belgian band, but I was troubled finding their name.  Somehow my brain told me "Rumplestilskin" but that was wrong.  Very difficult to search, but fortunately this blog has hundreds of posts about Belgian music, so it served as my memory and made me find what I was looking for.  Raw...that's the only word that comes to my mind to describe both. 

But I could also play a bit with the theme of having a Migraine. 

  • REM: everybody hurts
  • Brittney Spears: Kill the lights
  • Esham: Migraine headache
  • Twenty One Pilots: Migraine
  • Miley Cyrus: Wrecking Ball
  • Ramones: I wanna be sedated

But in Migraine I was also struck by the monotonous staccato effect, as if a gun is shooting, pafpafpafpaf.  I tried to google for an Ostinato effect but that didn't give me what I was looking for.  I also randomly listened to songs and band that could have that shooting effect until I finally found what was in my mind: Talking heads with Psycho Killer.  Fafaffafaaaa fafafafaaa.   But when listening to The Corals and switching to Talking Heads the contrast was still too big.  Not quite the same. 

  • The Verve : Bitter sweet symphony
  • The Cure : Lullaby
  • Talking heads - Psycho Killer

So in the end I needed my own blog history after all.  Because The Sea is dying is a song that is as raw and gives me as much a headache as does The Corals with Migraine. 


Anne said…
Schitterende blogpost! :-)
Instrumentaal vind ik dat nummer eigenlijk echt wel goed. Indrukwekkend. Knap. De zang ligt me iets minder.
Misschien moet ik nu maar weer eens wat rust opzoeken? :-)
Goofball said…
@Anne: ik heb dus wel dagen op die fafafafaaa fafafafafaaaaaaaaaafaaaa gezocht eh...om het dan niet te pakken ;).

ja zoek maar eens iets rustiger, de Dafalgan raakt anders op.

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