The beary happy family

I've seen online posts around Christmas were entire families were dressed up in the same Christmas pyjama. I am always amazed that an entire family wants to take part and put themselves online in a ridiculous outfit.  Very often, one family member has a popular social media account, but apparently the entire family is supporting and willing to do a posing session.  I don't think I could get my family so far. I guess I'd never ask them.  They'd roll their eyes.

Jan just returned from the USA with a transfer in Canada. When he phoned me from the airport, that he was looking at cute bear pyjama's for the children, I was enthusiastic. We had shopped in 2019 for the children, but the back then oversized pyjamas were now small.   "Oh and if you see one in my size, I want a Canadian pyjama too". "Oh and I want Canadian socks! "  Because really, you can't ever have too many bears, moose, beavers or otters or ... items. I know that type of stores and I drool. 

So I was genuinely happy as a child, when Jan walked in and started pulling out pyjama's with black bears.  And we all got them on right away, and I started photographing ourselves (without aligning the entire family to pose though) (we don't all have the same one either).  And I realized I was rather close of posting pictures of us in our beary happy family outfit :D.  But no, I guess I'll spare you from that.  You can just imagine it yourself if you really want to. 

But here's my new favourite socks


Anne said…
Ik verwacht wel zo'n foto met kerst hoor. Hahaha!
Goofball said…
@Anne: tja. wie weet

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