Made in Belgium: Stash

In all honesty, for me is Stash mostly a one hit wonder with their still goosebump hit Sadness.   It's a classic, it's wow,  it's great.  And the clip where so many other Belgian top artists lipsynch their song is just brilliant!! (can attentive readers spot Guy Swinnen, Maurice Engelen, Walter Grootaers, Stijn Meuris, Luc De Vos, ...

Also in the other songs, I love the sad nostalgic sound that seems to come back. Good news is that their website announces that they work on new material.


 I need a woman (duet with Sarah Bettens)

 All that is left


Brian Miller said…
ah i really enjoyed the first..great depth of feeling in it..will set the next to play while i read....

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