Interviewing Beertje with 22 questions

I have seen this question list passing by already at Bostonbaby, at Missbliss and at Moedership and each time I was charmed by the innocence of the child answers.  But I was also very curious what my children would answer, so I tried it as well.  In April I posted the interview with Kabouter

I wondered if I could do it with Beertje as well. He's rather young so it turned out to be a challenge.  After a few questions he simply walked out on me.  I've made this list with some repeated sessions of just a couple of questions and I might have bribed him with strawberries to answer just a few more questions. Kabouter remembered his interview and some of his answers and he tried to motivate Beertje by repeating my questions. But it's clear that the concentration and interest in an interview by a 3 year old is a lot lower.

Here's my interview with Beertje.
  • What is your age?
    (holds up 1 finger, then 3, than 5 and 10)

  • When is your birthday?
    (some mumbling about Easter)

  • What is mama's age?
    (Holds up 10 fingers)

  • What is your favourite color? 
    Aaaaalll colors!

  • What is your favourite food?
    Potatoes and spaghetti

  • What is gross? 
    I like to eat everything

  • Who is your best friend?
    (points to me)

  • What is your favourite song?
    Ah ram sam sam ah ram sam sam ...

  • What is your favourite movie?
    Ah ram sam sam movie? 

  • What is your favourite book?
    About the farm

  • What is your favourite animal?
    A little pig

  • What are you afraid off?
    I'm not afraid?

  • What makes you happy?
    You make me happy

  • What is stupid?
    The toys

    Do you think your toys are stupid

    Yes (big grin)

  • Where do you love to go to most?to the spaghetti restaurant
    (I asked this just when we came back from a neighbourhood bar where we regularly eat a spaghetti)

  • Which sport do you like most?
    (demonstrates a bunny hop on the floor)

  • What do you love doing?
    sports and playing and watching iPad

  • What are you good in?
    (starts to climb in our sofa).
    I chose a strawberry first . (totally irrelevant answer to my question)
    (demonstrates another bunny hop)

  • What are you not so good in? 
    (demonstrates the same bunny hop)

  • What do you want to be later?
    Then you will become smaller and I become a mommy and Kabouter will be a daddy. 
    (Kabouter mingles in the conversation to tell his brother he cannot become a mommy)
    The boys are the daddies and the girls are the mommies.

    oh are you going to have children? How many children will you get? 
    (I want 7 children, interrups Kabouter)

  • What is your biggest wish?
    (another bunny hop on the floor)

  • What is love?
    mijn liefde voor jou is diep zo diep
    is love singing?


Gudrun said…
yab said…
how cute!!
Le petit requin said…
Hihi, omkopen met aardbeien :-) 't Was het alleszins waard, heerlijk om te lezen!

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