Mobile School volunteering weekend

This weekend was the bi-yearly volunteers weekend for Mobile School. We haven't participated in years...full agenda's, small babies at home, ...there was always a good reason to skip. But this year I wanted to do an effort to be there again. Probably because of Saskia, also because I try to connect more consciously with friends. 

Spending the entire weekend overnight was a bit hard, but Mobile School is very flexible so you can join each part of the agenda as you want and the location isn't too far from Leuven so I could drive up and down.

In the morning, we had an interesting training from Streetwize about Connecting to people. was meant to be

In the afternoon we all split up in different work groups to develop new games for the mobile school or to prepare the DuwMee campaign. I worked on the communication preparations of the latter.
Beertje had joined us but Jan and Kabouter had to miss out due to an unfortunate accident at home where Jan managed to break our dinner table and had to work on an emergency solution so we'd have a table again when I got home.

But Beertje helped well, the first hours observing right next to me but by the end of the afternoon he was brave enough to join the other children in games in the woods. 

After a fullfilling and productive afternoon I took the little tired boy home to go and check out the table situation over there. Unfortunately I missed the remembrance evening for Saskia, but she's been very vividly in my mind and actions this weekend.  Hey Sas, you are surely proud of us how we, your volunteers, organised and worked on this weekend. We miss you but you live on in us and your early preparations that we could use were awesome!


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