The gorgeous boglands near Schwartzbach

Since the children had a school free day, we had taken a day off on Monday and enjoyed a long weekend. Fortunately the rain stopped for a moment, so I convinced everyone again to head out, this time in dry weather.  We drove to the German border and stopped near Thomas Brücke for a walk in the quiet area there.  The area offers both pine woods, some mixed wood and bogland valleys and I felt like going to the little Schwartzbach lake which we apparently hadn't visited in years anymore. We have done shorter loops quite often (all on well paved roads), but Schwartzbach is just a little further but including one non-paved path and a small but nasty climb.  As a result, we had never done it anymore with strollers or toddlers that require to be carried a lot of the walks.

This time we risked it and both children walked bravely the 7 kms.  Hurray for little Beertje who is becoming a better walker quickly. 
Along the road we saw a lot of wild boar traces as well as an explosion of all types of mushrooms imaginable.  So we hunted for mushrooms and mushrooms while the children were singing loudly "Op een grote paddestoel..."...hmm so far our chances to see some wildlife in these woods where we were the only humans around. 

examining wild boar traces along the road

After the woods of Kugelscheid , we turned off at the little Schwarzbach creek and enjoyed the gorgeous bogland valley hidden from all traffic and civilised land. 

The little black lake of Schwartzbach

I was forgotten how gorgeous this spot is.  And maybe autumn is the best season to be here. 

Mommy I see the lake!!

No, I don't want to pose for a picture

Walking from tall to small

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yab said…
Mooie foto van jou met de jongens!
Leen said…
Goofball said…
@Leen: zeer mooi en altijd ongelooflijk rustig. Je komt daar amper iemand tegen

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