Coming home in a hotel

It has become a tradition: in October or November we spend a bit of lazy time in the sun in Gran Canaria. A vacation to relax in the sun.  Since 2017, we stay in the Radisson Blu of Playa de Mog├án.

Traveling through the world and discovering new places is awesome. But traveling and coming home to a place where you feel at ease is just as awesome. I've learned to appreciate returning to a familiar place where you don't need to spend energy to think where you'll go for dinner or where you can quickly hop in a supermarket for some chips or ... You just arrive and settle in some routines.  "Hey Jan, I'll quickly and go and buy this in the store, do you make a reservation in that restaurant then.  Fine...see you on that terrace in 15 minutes." as a conversation during check-in.  If the goal of the vacation is to relax, this is just perfect.

The first year we were in Gran Canaria, I felt a bit guilty that we had done so little exploring.  5 times later, I do not even to get out anymore. I just want to splash in the water with the children and find some time to read books. As a result we always spend our time in the down level of the hotel with a family room nearby the children's pool and club and restaurant (while there is another level with a quiet adult only pool etc).

The children enjoy the splash pool and the VIC (very important children) club.  Kabouter's drawing he made in 2017 is still decorating the walls inside with many others.  Unfortunately the rules changed (because a new company was taking care of all animation). We had figured Beertje would be able to go on his own (if he wished) but the minimum age had been raised from 3 to 4. So we were stuck reading a book inside if he wished to go and make some drawings or ride some cars or so. I'm not a big fan of sitting inside while being in Gran Canaria. Oh well,  Beertje spent almost all his time in the pool so I didn't complain if I needed to take some airco time inside.  Kabouter who has always been a very big fan of the VIC club, was a bit more conscious of the language barrier so he needed some time (and translations) to adjust to the new team.  All in all he has spent some less time inside with them, which is a good thing, I believe.

I on the other hand used the animation team  for the first time, participating in 2 yoga sessions.  I did miss the daily dances on chayenne at the pool though and liked the team of Acttiv a little more than the new company TRJ but all in all it wasn't very different.  Key for me is that the animation is non pushy and at some distance so one can find silence if you wish.


Leen said…
Wel dit soort vakantie spreekt mij ook meer en meer aan... Een weekje ofzo efkes weg van alles, geen "druk" om dingen te "moeten" gaan bezichtigen, gewoon "zijn"...

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