Christmas vacation

Where did December go? I have the feeling we went to Disneyland and we walked Duwmee and for the rest I've been either ill or busy. 

On this blog I've hardly just dumped some pictures while I had so many draft pieces planned that never finished (and who is waiting now for my opinion piece on Zwarte Piet's blackness after Christmas?).  In my blogfeed I can't keep track on reading my backlog anymore and posts disappear because I haven't seen them within the 30d that feedly shows them. Sorry.

Since end of November I've suffered twice a week of a sinusitus that didn't give me energy to be online after the children's bedtime...instead I had to catch all the sleep I could myself.  Fortunately I was clear headed on some crucial weekends filled with activities.

And on my last working day we were all dressed up in Christmas sweaters and I was supposed to go out for lunch with a colleague. I anticipated a nice holiday atmosphere but my stomach didn't want to join the party. Or it threw a party on its own.  I was in bed shivering long before the children were in bed.   But last week was weird...I was ill for 8 hours and then got better, hoping it was a wave of stomach flu which can pass rather quickly. I managed to participate in Duwmee and relax the next day to get quite ill again on Monday evening...participate on Christmas Eve and Christmas celebrations with the family (even enjoy the meal) and then get really ill again for many hours. We had planned a small city trip to Brussels with the children but I left the boys behind there and drove home to see a doctor.  So on day 7 I visited the doctor and got the diagnosis of a bacterial infection so I'm on antibiotics now.

From memory it's not the first year at all that I am ill at the end of December. The year 2K transition I had the worst stomach flu of the world where I couldn't even get up out of the seat for the visiting doctor without risking to faint out of weakness.  5 years ago I was in bed at Christmas Eve with an ear infection and the weeks after it just got worse.  And more recently I also had sinus infections if I remember well. But each time I recovered with some time off to relax (in the Ardennes).

We arrived now in the Ardennes with not much other plans but celebrate 48h at the end of the year with friends.  Finally Christmas vacation, finally time to rest, finally time to catch up. With plans to read books, play games and watch tv and go for walks. Exactly as a Christmas vacation should be.


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