Hayfever in February? or a weird cold?

Previous week I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn't open my eye.  The sleepy sands were sticking in my eye lashes and I had to manually remove them before I could manage to open my eye which was clearly swollen a bit.

Allergy.  It's not like it's not happened to me before but it's been over a decade and it's rare that my eye stickes together.  My cortisone cream helped right away but my eye itself stayed red all day. 

This weekend both my eyes were still rather red and now my other eye stuck together at night. Nothing problematic but it's irritating. Literaly.

So now I wonder: these are all the symptoms of an allergic reaction to quite likely hay fever.  And yes apparently the warm winter temperatures and the recent storms have peaked hay fever early.  I do suffer from hay fever but usually not like this (although my allergic reactions change every so many years).   Or I'm getting a big cold as my sinusses were giving me a headache as well.    We'll see. It doesn't matter what causes it really, it's unlikely I can prevent it anyhow. 

So if you see me in the near future: no I didn't just cry. I'm excelling at my most elegant look. 


Shan said…
Have you ruled out pink eye? Sounds a lot like that as well.
Goofball said…
@shan: thanks for your suggestion. I had to look up what you meant. Yeah it could very well be but causes can also be hayfever allergic reaction. (or virus or bacteria). Anyway, it improved on its own early this week and seems all back to normal without further medical intervention besides the anti allergy creme this weekend.

I'll have to pay attention to it when new peaks of pollen are in the air

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