Return to the Ardennes

Usually I get very restless and irritated if I don't get to go to the Ardennes every 2 weeks. After all, walking in the nature there is one of the things that re-energise me. On top of that, spending time in the Ardennes gave me quality time with my family with an empty agenda.

Ironically the Corona lockdown has given me exactly empty agenda, no appointments and driving around, just being.  And walking, just in a bit less wilderness.  But somehow I was ok by staying in Leuven and not being allowed to return to the Ardennes. I was safe in my cocoon at home. Corona taught me to relax at home as well and not only associate it with chores and busy life. That's been a good thing that the lockdown brought me.

But last week the government, under pressure of some home owners that didn't feel so much at ease in their cocoon, allowed travel to a 2nd home again.  It was earlier than I expected, as do most easing of the lockdown measures.

So last weekend, we returned to the Ardennes after exactly 3 months of absence.  Some of the confetti of the carnival was still on the carpet.  Fortunately we had not left any perishable food behind in the fridge.  

While the boys got happily reunited with the wooden trainracks (especially Beertje was so delighted to finally return to this favourite toys), Jan started working on the knee high grass.  It was an afternoon of chores for all of us (for the little ones, just long enough to snap a picture ;) ) but the neighbours can be relieved now no longer living next to a jungle. 

Then there was time for some outdoor playing with more room to run around than in Leuven.  Unlike in the rest of the country where we still beg desperately for some rain, we were treated with a morning of rain but that doesn't stop us for going for a walk with a good sweater and rain jacket.  The cows sure were surprised to see us coming by again. 


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