Street art in Leuven (2)

Since my previous post I'm paying more attention to the numerous street art in Leuven.  It's also a motivator for the children to search on our many Corona walks through the city. They even start to recognize the typical style from BISSER, who actually made a brand new addition a few blocks from us.


So I showed you a few weeks ago the goofy little egg on the street corner.  It now got company from a fox since 2 weeks.  Nice to have a fox joining our neighbourhood in quarantaine :). I also discovered that he made a huge mural nearby the train station in February this year .
As local artist, you can find plenty of Bisser art in the city.

BISSER and Nils Westergard

Downtown on the Herbert Hoover square and the city park all electricity boxes got nicely decorated by artists.  The animals are done among other by Treepack

Treepack and Hoodoo

A side facade a bit hidden from the ring road, yet right there is this southern vibe with a lady looking out her balcony as if she expects a serenade. 

In a local park close by our house lots of new graffiti appeared during this Corona lockdown.


Anne said…
Zitten echt supermooie dingen bij. Heerlijk, die street art!
Le petit requin said…
Waw, dat gezicht van die vrouw op de vierde foto! Er zitten er nog mooie tussen, maar die springt er voor mij wel tussenuit.

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