Tomorrow Belgium starts slowly with phase 1 of its exit plan.  Non-essential businesses that could not work from home can start up again and (too?) soon after on May 11th non-food stores can open while we anticipate partial opening of schools on May 18th.

I've had it lately with all the complaining and criticizing online lately. Everyone has an opinion. So do I, to be honest. It's normal.  But we do not need to share it all the time, especially not all the criticism.

The fact is that almost none of us have experienced in our lives a pandemic.  Not our politicians, not our entrepreneurs, not our sociologists, not our virologists... They all learn from historic cases, comparisons, assumptions, ... They all bring in their point of view.  And the thing is: we need to trust them.   We must trust on their experience and we must trust on all of them to come to the best possible conclusion.

Yes it's possible they are wrong but it's certain that our own little knowledge doesn't have the expertise despite all our opinions the the nice posts we've been reading somewhere.
Similarly as getting some frightening medical diagnosis where we wish to get a lot of 2nd opinions and advice while time is ticking, at one point we must put our trust in the specialists and their advised treatment. If not, we simply go mad by doubt and stress. 

Also now we must simply trust.  That doesn't mean that the experts or specialists can't be wrong. Surely with hindsight, we'll learn how much better we could have handled this crisis.  Already we know clearly that the virus has been underestimated at first,  undercommunicated (it's like a flu), ... I am not naive and I know that political games are being played.   Surely lives would have been saved if we all were in quarantaine 1-2 weeks earlier but surely there would not have been civil obedience as we would have not understood the urgency.

And yet I must trust that all experts give the best possible advice and alert all angles for their domain: medical, social, economic, ... and I must trust the politicians to make the best possible trade off given the fact there seem to be a hundred stakeholders with often opposing interests. I wouldn't be in their shoes right now! What a tremendous responsibility. What a great risk to make mistakes.  They've never imagined to have to do this, I'm sure.

So let's assume that we don't have the expertise but that the combined knowledge of those in charge is the best possible at this moment with the info and insights currently available.  There is no other option.  So let's stick to the rules given.


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