Family bicycle trip on the Ravel near Outrewarche

Since the combination : biking children - walking parents didn't turn out to be too succesfull, Jan invested a few weeks ago in a babyseat on his bike as well as a carrier for my car.  And he rediscovered my old intentionally ignored bicycle in the shed and took it out from the dust. From then on he proposed a few times to go riding all together. 

Mind you: I remembered mainly how breathtaking and difficult I found riding my bike in the Ardennes during my 2 attempts in 2011 (here and here), that I had never taken initiative to get on my saddle anymore afterwards! Oops. So I cringed when Jan proposed to go riding our bikes all together. Ugh. But at the same time it seemed attractive and fun to do together. It would be a more practical excursion together. I was a bit ridiculous to keep that bicycle unused.

And so we left on an evening with 3 bikes (and a baby seat) to the nearest crossing of the Ravel and we left for a smooth 7 km bike ride.  I found in Kabouter my perfect match: he has difficulty on hills (and for that reason we still stick to the Ravel former railroad bike path) and he has not much speed yet while paddling away on his little wheels.  I actively had to limit my speed in order not to lose him.  And yet in no time, we arrived in the next villages that are usually out of reach while walking.  And the wind in my hair felt sort of nice.    Yep, I think I'm ready to use my bicycle again on the condition that Kabouter rides with me. And together we can improve our riding skills again little by little. 


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