Walking near Kalterherberg - Küchelscheid

The children wanted to walk in the woods near "Thomas the train" again.  So we went back to the German border at the Leykaul railbike stop and walked our early New year walk again. This time we had sunshine and blue sky. 

The little bridge over the border creek was taped with police tape: there are probably just some stability issues but I imagined entire CSI crime scenes.   We followed the mudsteps to jump over the creek 10 meter further to continue our walk. 

Just like last time we stopped at the local café Taverne A'Lutze ran by 2 white haired ladies of high age. That type of pubs that you can hardly find anymore where a drink costs about 1-2 euro and the children receive a lot of tchuss sounds and smiles.  The locals clearly come by on Sunday morning for a short chat and a coffee or beer and bike or walk clubs have a stop at the terrace outside.


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