I've never...

I saw this list at LeveLieze during 40daysofblogging and later on Yab used it as well.  It lists some topics where you need to declare if you've ever done this or never done this. I've listed those that I've never done in my life in blue.

* Broken a bone: No, I have never broken a bone. Touch wood.

* Skipped classes: I've never skipped classes I think until the last semester of university. I'm not entirely sure but I believe that I've not attended many taxation courses when I had to finish my master thesis.   Other than that, I truly believe I've never skipped classes.  I've always been an examplary student.

* Skydive: Nope. And if it's up to me, I will never do so.

* Been in a limo: I was in a limousine a few times.  The first time was my graduation party in Canada where my date picked me up in a limo.
A second time was in Chicago.  As my first job I joined an international consulting firm and all the juniors without any working experience got sent to Chicago for 2 weeks of training.  It turned out that we were actually on campus in Saint Charles, IL . But in the weekend we grouped together to rent a limo to head to the cheapest hostel in Chicago we could find to go and explore the city for 2 days.  For a group of ten, renting a limo together was the cheapest way of getting up and back to the city :p.

* Had braces: As a teenager I had wide gaps in between my teeth. My dentist claimed that would solve itselve when I'd get my wisdom teeth and he was right.

* Dyed my hair: I've added a reddish look into my hair for many years.

* Sang karaoke: yes I did that once in a youth café when I was a student. "Girls just wanna have fun" from Cyndi Lauper.

* Scuba diving: Once upon a time this was more a scuba diving blog than a mommy blog.  And once upon a time in the future, this theme will return on this blog :). Anyone who wants to babysit my children on a vacation or on summer days, btw?

* Fly: These days you are supposed to be ashamed about your airmiles because of the negative ecologic impact.  But yes, I score very weakly on this point since most of our vacations are fly vacations and I probably fly once or twice a year for work as well.

* Camp.  Yes I've done this in Canada on band camp  (oh gosh, why do I think of the movie American pie now?) and with my host family and on a tour with exchange students. I've done it on the World Youth Jubilee and I've done it with diving club dive weekends.   On almost all of these occasions I've been freezing cold and pissed off because the others were still making noise when I wanted to sleep. And it's horrible because I always need to crawl out of the tent to go pee and then I'm really really freezing and hating camping more. I prefer, if I have a choice, a bit more comfort and more material that shields me off from the outer world at night.

* Travelled outside of EU: In the last decade(s) probably each year .

* Been in an ambulance:  touch wood...no, never.

* Met a celebrity.  Hmm this is difficult: how do you define "meet" and who is a celebrity?  In a small country like Belgium it is not so difficult to run into a celebrity now and then. I've been in a pub and Luc De Vos was drinking his duvel next to me. I've walked through Leuven and saw Jeroen Meus passing by or Phara de Aquire. I've been in a restaurant and Yves Desmet was at another table... but that's not meeting since I leave them alone like a nice modest Belgian tends to do in most cases.
My childhood neighbour boy is an actor however who has played in 2 series in the past and has also had different music bands.  He brought his - at that time- well known actress girl friend to my sister's wedding.  So I guess I could say yes, although he's not that famous that he's plagued by fans that want an autograph :p

* Made a tv debute: I've been on the screen on local news emissions on a youth camp  train from Switserland that had been delayed for hours after being stuck in the Luxemburg train station or something...you see me helping unpack the train in the news item.   I've also been slightly visible on the #streetsleep news but I made sure to hide when the journalists were searching for people to interview.
I am not entirely certain anymore but I don't think I've played the flute in any of the tv church service emissions (but I did play the flute a couple of times on a radio service).

So no...not a true tv debute.

* Had a piercing: In my mind a piercing is not pierced ears for earrings.  In that case I've never had and never will have a piercing.

* Resigned.  Yes, I've resigned from my first job.

* Skipped a night of sleep.  We celebrated our high school graduation in Canada by skipping a night together for a night full of activities (well guarded in a safe environment with no alcohol). Later on I've probably gone out and partied sometimes until quite early in the morning but usually I do crash for a few hours sleep though.

* Stayed a full day in pyjama. Of course...when I'm ill. But only then.

* Sang in the shower:  I've tried it once because it has a reputation to sound really well. It sounded mostly awkward and I felt silly so I've not repeated it anymore.

* Seen a human or animal birth live: Apart from giving birth twice myself and waiting in vain for a cow to give birth...I've never actually seen a live birth with my eyes as a spectator. 

*Fainted: nope

* Been at the cash register with a negative account: yes I've done that , but I had cash to pay or a different card from a different account , so I didn't have to leave my stuff behind.

* Stolen something: Not conciously but I've once discovered a postal card that had slipped under a folder in my shopping cart and that has never made it to the counter when packing in my car. But there was no intention to steal, it was accidently not paying for something.  That is a nuance no?


Kris10 said…
Leuke lijst, die wil ik ook graag eens invullen!
Goofball said…
@Kris10: moet je doen, ik ben benieuwd
Le petit requin said…
Amai, straf van je tandarts dat die dat juist inschatte!
Ik ga eens terugbladeren naar die oude duikposts, al hoop ik voor jou dat het niet al te lang meer duurt voor er nieuwe bijkomen :)
Leen said…
Zo leuk, dit lijstje :)
Voor mij ook geen piercings! Heb ooit wel een tweede gaatje gehad in mijn oor maar manmanman daar heb ik van afgezien. Ik hou het dus bij in totaal twee oorbellen, nah :-)

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