Puerto de Mogan, vacation alife away from the pool and beach

Our vacations in Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria are all about relaxing near the pool and a little bit at the beach.  But of course we do leave the hotel now and then and at least once a day we walked the walking boulevard from the hotel inland towards the beach and town / harbour when we went for dinner.

The walking boulevard along some appartment/hotel complexes and also some eternal empty lots, have sports equipments which the children loved and there's always some cats to chase. 

(those are remakes of some of the pictures in this post of 2 years ago. Same sculpture, younger child) 

The beach also has a nice small boulevard lined with some restaurants and ice cream shops. 

Most of all I love to cross the little river and continue to the harbour which is so pittoresque and also has some nice Italian and/or fish restaurants. 


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