In my mind children in grade 1, when they do their communion , always have a big hole in front of their mouth.  So a year ago when Kabouter lost his first tooth, I was a bit in shock as I had not anticipated this would happen already at the age of 5.

Since losing 2 teeth previous winter and growing some molars in summer, his upper teeth started to slowly wobble in the fall.  For months it has been an excuse for not eating hard things if it was convenient to him.

By the start of this year both upper teeth were clearly wobbling a lot and were changing position. They seemed to slide to the middle, pushing big gaps.  For 2 weeks now we anticipated it falling out any moment and finally it happened early previous week during breakfast.  Hurray, one of them at least but I'm sure the other one will follow in a month or so.  

And so my prediction that children in spring of grade 1 have a big toothless grin on all pictures is true after all, except for the fact that children don't have their communion until in grade 2.

And the tooth fairy...well she was on duty again and managed to sneak in at night. 

And then on Friday night he came home from school with more big news...or with a bigger hole in his mouth.  The 2nd wobbling tooth had come out.  And since we were just about to leave to the Ardennes that created some extra logistics for the tooth fairy and us to have a tooth travel up and down with us. 


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