I've raised some tree huggers

Our city garden is limited but we are lucky to have some parks nearby.  During our confinement, I make an almost daily visit to the park at the Parkoase/ Parkpoort. It's not a nice park: rather a bare grass area with some sad little fruit trees that's supposed to be an orchard.

Rumors are that the entire area will get eradicated to become the VIP village during next year's world championship cycling that will take place downtown in Sep 2021.  The city will get compensation money and will re-establish the park in a better way afterwards.

We'll see.   Right now it's however perfect for pic-nicking (if we are allowed) or learning how to cycle or play some soccer or go for a run.  Beside the small fruit trees, there is one giant gorgeous tree at the park entrance.  During our games/ home schooling gym classes, we noticed other children sometimes climbing in the tree and last week our boys followed that example.


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