Interviewing Kabouter with 22 questions (2021 version)

I picked up the old interview again that I did in 2019 with Kabouter and Beertje following the example of many other blog mothers. It seemed interesting to repeat it after a small 2 years and check the evolution in answers. 

The 2019 version for Kabouter here and the 2019 version for Beertje here

1. What's your age?
I'm 7 years old

2.  When is your birthday? 
Euh, opn x September??  (he's off with a few days)

3. Do you know your mother's age? 
Euh 42 years??

4. What is your favourite colour?
Red.  No red red red

5. What is your favourite food?
Can I choose anything?


Black chocolate. Really black black

6. What is gross? 
(lots of thinking)
Does it need to be food?
euh euh....pooo. Poo as food. 

7. Who is your best friend?

8. What is your favourite song?
I'm aline    (cfr I'm alive - Shinedown. from avengers I think)

9. What is your favourite movie?
Oh I don't know
(Beertje: you can choose any movie)
I think , I believe, FC De Kampioenen.

10. What is your favourite book?
Euh, can I answer 'I don't know'. yeah I don't really know.

11. What is your favourite animal?
Oh I know, that's a cat now.  It used to be a dog and then a chicken. 
(G: It used to be a pinguin as a matter of fact). 
Oh yes a pinguin is my 2nd choice. 

12. What are you afraid of? 
for kidnappers and murderers

13. What makes you happy? 
Getting a lot of hugs from my mom or when I just had fun playing or watching some movies

14. What is stupid?
Sitting in the sofa for a long time and getting bored? 

15. Where do you love to go most? 
Does it have to be a country?
W's house and this house and the Ardennes. And to the snow

16. Which sport do you like most? 
swimming. Oh no, breakdance

17. What do you love doing?
You already know this. Watching movies and now and then reading a comic . 

18. What are you good in?
Playing pokémon ,  mathematics and sledging

19. What are you not so good in?
Speaking other languages . Or what nobody can: talking to animals. 

20. What do you want to be later?
Politice agent

And something that is impossible but I'd like to...ah actually it is possible: being a friend of nature and the animals

21. What is your biggest wish? 
the same as what I want to be later

22. What is love?

kissing on the lips, getting married and being nice to each other. 


Le petit requin said…
Schattig en grappig tegelijk.
En ober willen worden, dat is een originele!
Goofball said…
Het zit misschien in de familie: ik wou vroeger serveerster in een restaurant worden. Maar toen ik doorhad dat ik in feite niet mocht voorproeven, heb ik dat plan laten varen
Le petit requin said…
Hahahaha, wat een zalige reden om serveerster te willen worden :')

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