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A nice Christmas vacation chore

Van Rompuy I

Christmas traditions meme

Absent on Jan 8th

A good day

Music for life

Merry Christmas to you all

No Christmas vacation for the Belgian King Albert II

Belgium goes from political crisis to political crisis and is yet again without a

A little list

Our christmas tree on request

Now Sinterklaas is heading back to Spain oversea, it is really time to set-up the

It's broken

Sinterklaas goodies

It really is already December 6th and yet I met Sinterklaas and the Zwarte Pieten in the sportcenter today. It looks like he's working

Last Wednesday


This week I took my flute out of its box for the first time in months to play at a choir concert and now my face is completely

Warning! You are a potential victim of this blog

what I'd like to know tonight

Mumbai attacks

Fish and pumpkin

He's around!

How you end up hating snow

This morning I woke up and saw outside this winter's first tiny hesitant layer of

That's what he does to me

Tourists in Ireland and at a Irish (&Scottish) wedding